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School of 健康科学

Built upon the foundations of the natural 和 behavioral sciences, the School of 健康科学 (SHS) transforms students into leaders, connects theory to best practices, 和 impacts the needs of all people 和 communities.


Spring is a time of growth, possibility 和 rejuvenation. Enjoy the warmer weather with a walk or run outdoors. Take time to look for new growth pushing up through the soil 和 buds emerging with life on trees 和 bushes. Fill your plate with greens, 和 then add all the colors of the rainbow through fruits 和 vegetables. Stay hydrated as the temperatures rise. Empower others to live a healthy lifestyle. And enjoy, as together we make choices to promote 和 sustain a healthier environment.


  • Radiologic Technology Information Sessions: 2024年6月4日 晚上7点.m. 和 2024年6月5日 早上10点.m.
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Information Sessions: June 10, 2024 at 10 a.m.7 p.m.
  • Health Science Summer Camp: June 17-21, 2024 (section 1) 和 June 24-28, 2024 (section 2)
  • Summer 1 classes end: June 21, 2024
  • Summer 1 final exams: June 24-26, 2024
  • Summer recess for full-semester classes: June 23-30, 2024
  • Summer 2 classes begin, 和 full-semester classes resume: July 1, 2024

Discover your passion in the School of 健康科学.

使用我们的 基本模型 to identify your future Health Science career. No matter your career choice or goals, a degree from the School of 健康科学 prepares you for a wide range of career paths. The School of 健康科学 provides a supportive 和 inclusive environment for students, 教师, 工作人员, 和 partners across a broad array of health interests. Through exciting clinical 和 community-based opportunities, we pursue innovative learning, meaningful service 和 vibrant research endeavors in health 和 wellness.

Explore our noteworthy accomplishments.


Welcome to the School of 健康科学. We are a community of health advocates. We lead change in health 和 wellness. We face challenges while building solutions. We are in purpose, for health.

作为院长, I am proud of the supportive environment we offer for students, 教师, 工作人员 和 partners pursuing innovative learning, meaningful service 和 vibrant research endeavors through our knowledge model.

Going through school at 365英国上市官网 really taught me the importance of perseverance toward achieving my goals. I loved learning with different 教师 members 和 students from different walks of life.

Since graduating from the School of 健康科学, I was accepted to the 365英国上市官网 William Beaumont School of 医学 where I know I was prepared very well. I had a strong foundation of clinical knowledge that put me at an advantage compared to my classmates.

One of the key things that caught my eye at 365英国上市官网 is that it is close to home, it’s right in my backyard, 和 with the School of 健康科学 here, it just allows you to have an awesome opportunity to go into a lot of different professions to help people, 和 I’ve always known that’s what I wanted to do, so that’s what really drew me to this school in itself is that it’s going to allow me to display my passion.

During my undergraduate degree, I took an intro to community health class. The professor that taught this class was so passionate about the topic 和 each topic spoke to me 和 one day I had this ah-ha moment 和 I knew this was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In the School of 健康科学, we serve over two thous和 students, through distinct community-engaged programs. Built upon the foundations of the natural 和 behavioral sciences, the 365英国上市官网 School of 健康科学 transforms students in leaders, connects theory to best practices 和 impacts the needs of community, 为了健康.


Explorations in Collaborative Leadership 和 Interprofessional Education (ECLIPSE)

加入 ECLIPSE, a leadership community dedicated to improving patient 和 community care. Unique to the School of 健康科学, 和 one of the nation’s few health-science specific student leadership programs, ECLIPSE emphasizes communication 和 multidisciplinary teamwork, 和 helps students gain skills to become leaders within 和 beyond our communities.


(音乐) Welcome to the School of 健康科学. We transform students into leaders, connect theory to best practices, 和 impact the needs of all people 和 communities. A unique program we offer is Eclipse.

Eclipse or Explorations in Collaborative Leadership 和 Interprofessional Education is a community engaged leadership program for students studying 健康科学 at OU. This unique program which will help you st和 out in a competitive field is designed to help you reflect on the skills you are building throughout your degree in our pillars.

Eclipse is a program that offers structural 和 foundational learning that will allow students to take advantage of opportunities that they usually wouldn't come in contact with on campus.

The two skills I've developed the most are probably communication 和 teamwork through Eclipse.

Eclipse has really been able to set me apart from other students applying to graduate programs or medical schools by allowing me to really build my leadership skills from the ground-up, identify what my core values are 和 what they mean to me, as well as learn how to delegate 和 work in a team properly.

Eclipse students register for an IPE course that helps to synthesize the learning in 和 out of the classroom. 每月开会一次, students learn about themselves as leaders, how to effectively work in teams, 和 how their values impact their roles in health. 另外, students are connected to 教师, 研究的机会, 阴影, 社区服务, professional development, 还有一些有趣的东西.

I have taken full advantage of the 教师 和 the advisors. The advisors were just amazing.

My favorite Eclipse event has to be the bonfire. We get to relax 和 talk with one another, check in with each other, 和 we get a chance to actually communicate.

Upon entering the program, each Eclipse student is paired with a peer mentoring group that shares a similar major or career path, 和 can provide support 和 share resources with each other to be successful 和 feel connected to the School of 健康科学.

The community 和 support that is provided through this program has really helped.

Our vision in Eclipse is to teach future health professionals to lead from where they're at 和 to work more 协作ly with others to improve patient 和 community care.

I believe students should join Eclipse.

Students should join Eclipse.

Students should absolutely join Eclipse.

加入Eclipse, where we foster student's abilities to become leaders within 和 beyond our communities through diverse, 以学生为中心, 协作, 和 interprofessional experiences In Purpose for Health. (音乐)

School of 健康科学

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